Dental Crowns Restore Damaged Teeth

The primary role of dental crowns is to protect your teeth, they are shaped just like your natural teeth and they can also be made of several different materials. To learn about all the ways that dental crowns can help please reach out to your dentists in Southfield, MI, Dr. Lynna Pillai, Dr. Earl Bogrow, and Dr. Greg Young of Mission Point Dental Wellness Associates.

Protecting Damaged Teeth

Either by injury or decay, damaged teeth are typically cared for using a filling or bonding for front teeth. When the damage incurred is large enough a filling may not enough, in these cases a crown is typically called for. These encase your whole tooth and protect it and return to it its natural appearance and function.

On Root Canals

When the damage to a tooth is enough to expose the inner chamber to infection and severe pain, then a root canal may be called for.

The procedure involves the removal of the soft tissue inside the tooth as well as other infected areas. This is to halt the spread of infection and to alleviate pain. So much of the tooth's structure is lost in this tooth-saving treatment that it will require a dental crown.

Helping Restore a Lost Tooth

Restoring damaged teeth is not all that crowns can do. As part of common procedures, they also play a part in returning a lost tooth to your smile. Procedures such as bridgework and dental implants.

Bridges employ dental crowns both as support and replacement for the missing tooth, while dental implants are supported by a titanium post which is permanently implanted onto the bone.

Dental Crowns in Southfield, MI

Dental crowns can not only protect damaged teeth, but they can also help restore them if they are lost. Whatever you cause for concern begin by coming into the office, make an appointment today with Dr. Pillai, Dr. Bogrow, and Dr. Young of Mission Point Dental Wellness Associates in Southfield, MI, by dialing (248) 827-1900.

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