Saving Your Tooth With a Root Canal Treatment

It is possible to save severely damaged or decayed teeth with root canal treatment. In the past, extracting problem teeth was often the best option. Now, root canal treatment allows teeth to be preserved, strengthened, and restored. Dr. Lynna Pillai, Dr. Earl Bogrow, or Dr. Greg Young, the experienced dentists at Mission Point Dental Wellness Associates in Southfield, MI can determine if your tooth can be saved through root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure for restoring and strengthening a severely damaged or infected tooth that would otherwise require extraction. Minor decay typically only affects the outer layers of a tooth, such as the enamel or dentin, and cavities can result. However, when infection and decay invades the innermost layer of a tooth, filling a cavity is not enough to restore the tooth and that is when root canal treatment is needed.

The procedure for a root canal is similar to the method for treating caries or cavities in the surface layers of a tooth. The infected pulp and any decay must be removed from the center of the tooth, as well as the canals. Afterward, the tooth’s interior is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Finally, the tooth can be filled in and sealed. In many cases, a dental crown is also placed over the tooth to strengthen it further and provide additional protection against damage or infection.

There are many benefits to having root canal treatment, such as saving your tooth. Additionally, once your mouth has healed from the procedure, you should no longer experience any of the pain or sensitivity caused by the infection. Further, root canal treatment stops the infection from spreading to other areas of the mouth and affecting more teeth. One of the knowledgeable dentists at our office in Southfield can determine if you need a root canal. 

Signs a Root Canal Might Be Needed

A root canal is often needed when the soft pulp material in the center of a tooth becomes infected. The pulp tissue also extends down into the canals of a tooth’s root, which means the infection can spread there as well. Left untreated, infected pulp can result in further decay, as well as the formation of an abscess in the gum tissue surrounding the affected tooth. Some of the signs that the pulp is infected and a root canal might be needed include:

  • A severe or persistent toothache
  • Sharp pain when biting into or chewing foods
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks 
  • A feeling of persistent pressure or pain in the mouth

Saving your tooth with root canal treatment is easy and you can avoid extraction. Following the procedure, your newly restored tooth will be strong again and you will be able to resume normal biting and chewing functions. To learn more about saving your tooth through root canal treatment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Pillai, Dr. Bogrow, or Dr. Young, the skilled dentists at Mission Point Dental Wellness Associates in Southfield, MI by calling (248) 827-1900.

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